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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Conflict International’s pre-employment screening services provide simple to interpret results to facilitate effective employment solutions.

Robust pre-employment screening has never been more crucial to prevent the recruitment of unsafe, under-qualified or unsuitable individuals and thereby reduce the likelihood of fraud, negative publicity and negligent hiring litigation. Conflict International’s streamlined process allows rapid identification and mitigation of performance issues, providing continued oversight of an individual’s suitability for employment, and serves to further protect organisations against non-compliance, fines and reputational damage.

Our pre-employment screening process is fast, efficient and cost-effective, allowing you to enhance your onboarding process. Conflict International’s direct data links accelerate the return of checks, providing an early indication of an applicant’s suitability that you can act on straight away and avoid onboarding delays.

We have extensive global reach and local language capabilities, allowing us to rapidly return accurate international checks. We offer a wide range of pre-employment checks and can bespoke to your needs to ensure you are recruiting the right person for your company.

We offer a user-friendly secure online platform to request and obtain results on the prospective candidate and our dedicated support team is on hand to guide you throughout the process. Our system allows 24 hour tracking meaning you are able to access any required information and prevent any unnecessary time delays.

We have extensive experience in working with a range of different industries including financial, airside and security industries.

Our list of services includes:

Criminality Checks (UK and Overseas)
Credit Checks (UK and Overseas)
ID Verification
BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard)
Airside Pass Security Screening
Employment Referencing
Qualification Verification
Global Sanctions Search
Tenant Vetting
PCI Screening
Annual Re-screening

Please visit our dedicated website at ciscreening.com to find out more about our range of screening services.

To discuss your requirements, or for more information on pricing and turnaround, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3830 6352 or email us.

Introducing Social Media Check Plus

Conflict International are proud to announce a brand new and ground-breaking addition to our Pre-Employment screening process.

In our continuing quest to always provide our clients with the full picture, we have developed what we believe to be a first in the Pre-Employment screening arena.

Our Social Media Check Plus product takes social media screening to another level. Totally unlike other conventional social media screening offerings that are often time-consuming and subjective, Social Media Check Plus is a rapid, algorithm-based solution that includes the screening of private social media accounts and closed profiles. The system, developed by eminent psychologists, ensures any unconscious bias is eliminated.

The system filters posts that could damage an organisation’s valuable reputation. These include extremism, negative sentiment, hate speech, violent images, potential nudity, profanity and toxic language.

For your benefit and peace of mind, the process is capable of screening no less than six major global social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to learn more about how our Social Media Check Plus process can take your pre-employment screening and onboarding to another level, speak to us today.

Social Media Check Plus from Conflict International – offered by us because your reputation matters.

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