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Conflict Social Media

Conflict Social Media

Introducing Conflict Social Media - the brand new risk assessment and reputation management offering from Conflict International.

Conflict Social Media offers you a unique opportunity to improve and enhance staff recruitment processes, manage and protect your brand from reputation risk and also provide the opportunity to cleanse any individual’s social media account of potentially undesirable content.

The software has been scientifically developed using machine learning together with specifically created AI based algorithms. Once activated, our software solution reviews a person’s social media history to identify any risks across a broad set of eleven categories. The analysis and sentiment mapping is thorough - even screening likes, replies, comments, reposts and images that a subject may post.

These can include:

  • Hate speech/ Racism/ Terroism
  • Toxic Language
  • Narcotics
  • Political Speech
  • Druge Related Images
  • Insults and Bullying
  • Violent Images
  • Obscene Language
  • Self Harm
  • Explicit/ Pornographic Images
  • Threats of Violence

(Additional bespoke search criteria can be introduced to tailor the analysis process towards any particular focus or objective.)

Unlike some offerings in this space the Conflict Social Media system eliminates the risk of unconscious bias and any possible human error, for example by way of oversight. Ours is a fully automated process, there is no ‘warm body’ involvement in the analysis.

Our system can search historically for up to 10 years, analysing and highlighting posts and even ‘likes’ that have been identified by pre-prescribed ‘triggers’. The results are then presented in a clear and concise report with opportunities to conduct further analysis as required.

In the Pre-Employment vetting space Conflict Social Media now provides the opportunity to better and fully understand who you are hiring. Saying “We just didn’t know” will no longer be an excuse.

To learn more about Conflict Social Media or to conduct a trial contact our London office on: +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email us. Alternativly, contact us at our US office

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