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Russian cyber attack threat looms large

Last month, when Vladimir Putin launched Russia’s devastating attack on Ukraine, it was clear to all observers that international security would be entering a period of intense pressure. A global nuclear power igniting a war in modern Europe threatened the physical safety of citizens worldwide, but those in the know also realised that cyber security would come under threat as well.

Attacks by the hacker group known as Anonymous on Russia’s internet presence have made global headlines as the group attempted to infiltrate the Kremlin, and other Russian state networks. Threats of damaging cyber-attacks have emerged as the war has raged on.

Attacks on UK energy providers, and health services still linger in the memory; in 2017, the NHS was forced to cancel thousands of appointments after trusts were hit by a major ransomware attack.

Just this week, US President Joe Biden encouraged ordinary Americans to ‘lock their digital doors’ amid fears of a cyber-attack from Moscow. In response to the President’s stark warning, we ask; what measures can be taken by individuals and companies to reduce the risks of potential Russian attacks and minimise disruption should an attack occur?

Conflict’s Head of Corporate Development and Compliance Mehmet Goksen issued some guidance on how to best protect your online presence and prepare for a possible cyber-attack. Mehmet said, “Russia has a history of conducting cyber-attacks on networks across the globe, both through its own state run groups and its clandestine external proxies. To mitigate the risk to yourself and your business, it is helpful to ensure that you pay attention to the latest threat intelligence and it is absolutely vital that you make sure your firewalls and anti-malware systems are fully up to spec and up to date. This would also be a good time to test the backup and recovery mechanisms that you have in place which might be needed should the worst occur. Conducting a test of your business continuity plan (BCP) can help you to iron out any unforeseen difficulties with your data restoration approach, meaning that you can recover more swiftly should the actual need arise”.

“Every company and individual has a unique cyber presence and risk profile so the steps you need to take should be tailored to your needs. That’s where cyber-security services, like the ones offered by Conflict International, can play an invaluable part in preserving the integrity of your systems and data.”

Conflict International have been at the forefront of physical and cyber security for over a decade and can help organisations of all sizes secure their data and operations.

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