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Pre-Marital Check: Is the truth really the truth?

What information can you find out in a background check?

At Conflict International, we compile detailed pre-marital checks, employment background checks and reports into an individual’s employment history, lifestyle and financial background. A search will uncover employment status, history and also check for adverse credit history.

We can also verify the history of a company or individual and provide current information into their activities. Detailed information such as company accounts, director details including any other business interests and shareholder information can be obtained and presented as evidence.

Can I run a background check on my partner?

In family law, checks can be carried out to assist in means testing. Conflict International can offer a high level pre-marital check. Information regarding your partner’s health can be checked. For example, a pre-marital check can identify whether a partner has any sexually transmitted diseases. There are some countries around the world that require couples to undergo a pre-marital check prior to marriage. Countries such as Iran and some African countries.

There have been many cases where a background check or pre-marital check has protected or prevented an individual or business. An article recently published by the Daily Mail reports on Aristocrat, Henry Roper-Curzon. Reportedly, after a 18 month romance, Roper-Curzon found himself talking through his lawyers to his “Kurdish Princess” bride. Once described by the media as ‘the Mother Teresa of Mexico’, Hanna Jaff turned out to be a complete fraud. Roper-Curzon claims to have felt ‘duped’ into marrying Jaff.

While boasting an impressive list of accomplishments, Roper-Curzon claims that Jaff also duped him by claiming about her ‘royal heritage and fabulous wealth.’ He claims he also was not aware that when Jaff arrived in the UK, she was nursing the heartbreak of a failed engagement.

A pre-marital check is an option

A pre-marital check would have highlighted and identified most of the claims that Jaff had made were false. Roper-Curzon would have been able to uncover the truth about Jaff’s failed engagement. As well as saved himself 18 months of marriage.

Having suspicions about a lot of the claims Jaff had made, Roper-Curzon’s family had a dig into Jaff’s past. According to the Daily Mail, “the information provided by his family earlier this year was different, prompting him to confront Hanna on the phone about the ‘inconsistencies’ in her story.”

Though pre-marital checks are generally focused on health, background checks as a whole give couples the opportunity to uncover hidden information about their partners. This information could highlight a persons past and provide crucial information that may not have be discovered otherwise.

At Conflict International our background checks are sufficient and effective in highlighting any red flags in a person’s past or present. Not only do we carry out checks for couples, we can carry out checks for businesses and prospective employers.

Background checks can be extremely useful when recruiting potential employees. Particularly candidates for positions that require high security or a position of trust, such in schools, hospitals, large corporations or legal and financial companies.

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