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Boardroom left isolated that could lead to bugs in the office.

Is your office free from “bugs” post-Covid?

Lockdown has presented a technical surveillance risk to many companies. Businesses have operated out of office for several months. Therefore, privacy issues have been at high risk. In other words, without usual security and supervision, eavesdroppers/bugs have had ample opportunity to access sensitive data.

Be honest – what is your business doing right now to ensure the security of the spoken word?

You probably install firewalls, back up your data offsite, lock your office doors and even set the alarm before you go home. But that really isn’t the whole story is it? Information theft takes many forms and experience tells us the spoken word is often the single most overlooked aspect of office security.

There is nothing more valuable than your business’s day to day information – ignore the risk of covert eavesdropping devices in the fabric of your building or on phone systems at your peril. Technology has moved on massively in this space. Bugs have never been so tiny or inexpensive, and gone are the days of location based recording devices. Today’s ‘bad boys’ talk straight to the cloud. Add in the enforced vulnerability that your office has resembled a ghost town for months on end and the perfect eavesdropping storm has just developed.  

Can you spot an “Eavesdropper” in the office?

COVID-19 caused a lot of business uncertainty and employment pressures. Eavesdroppers could appear in the form of rival competitors or staff. For example, recently laid off staff could face personal financial desperation. Subsequently, feeling easily persuaded to leak private and sensitive information. In litigation situations it could be agents acting for your opponents, hoping to gain critical advantage by such fugitive intelligence gathering. 

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, Conflict International would highly recommend a technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) inspection, prior to moving back into your office. Plans to reoccupy, for instance should raise discussions about the possibility of intrusive “bugs” being hidden within the workplace. Therefore, it is wise to consider TSCM services to ensure safety and security.

How can you hire someone to carry out a “bug sweep” in your office?

When looking online it may appear however, that many private detective agencies offer “bug sweep” services. In fact, only a handful of specialists possess the requisite equipment, experience and knowledge to provide an honest and meaningful service. Most importantly, in this rapidly evolving and ever more sophisticated area of cyber risk.

Conflict International have decades of experience in providing a complete range of Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) services protecting offices, homes, vehicles, aircraft and yachts from electronic intrusion.

In these critical times, it is imperative that we do all we can to protect our sensitive information and business data. Eavesdroppers could be out there, waiting to prowl on your business. TSCM services are a great way to ensure no bugs have nestled their way into your office.

Could you be a victim of suspected bugs in the workplace?

Get in touch with Roger our Director of Compliance and Development to arrange a physical risk survey. This can be effective in identifying target areas of perceived risk to your organisation.

Look out for our next blog which gives more insight into how the TSCM process is carried out.

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