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Elizabeth Perez Garcia

Introducing Elizabeth Perez-Garcia, US Research Manager

Any investigation stands or falls on the quality of its research. Conflict International has experienced professional researchers based in both the US and UK who pool their knowledge and skills to form a powerful global research capability. 

Elizabeth Perez-Garcia is Conflict’s US Research Manager. She has an academic background in Criminology as well as Forensic Psychology and Intelligence Analysis. She also has experience in working on medical malpractice and personal injury cases, knowledge she now brings to Conflict’s team of researchers. Elizabeth says: “Not only are we a group of diverse professionals with many different backgrounds, but we have a large network of resources whether it’s individuals, organizations, associations…the list goes on.”

“Being a part of the world of investigations is very exciting. No two days are the same. I love being able to help clients and work with them to provide solutions to their issues. It is incredibly rewarding to get the job done and feel like you are making a difference.”

Dedication and teamwork are key drivers for Conflict International’s research teams on either side of the Atlantic, something Elizabeth describes as vital in getting to the heart of each case they work on. “So many things encompass what gives me satisfaction in this role, but most of all is the individuals I have the privilege of working with every day.

“We have such a strong team here at Conflict International. Despite being miles away across the Atlantic, the USA team and UK team work incredibly well together to tackle client issues and make sure we are delivering the best product we possibly can. The dedication we have to helping each other grow is just as strong as helping our clients. That is a company and family that I am proud to be a part of.” 

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