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A professional social media check protects your reputation

How can you be sure there is nothing untoward in an new employee’s social media timeline that could damage your company’s reputation?

You may have processes in place to guard against what is posted while someone is part of your team, but what happened before they joined you? These issues can be avoided with professional and unbiased social media screening.

Conflict International’s Social Media Check Plus service enhances your risk assessment and reputation management.

Working alongside our Pre-Employment screening process, Social Media Check Plus takes screening to another level.

Totally unlike other conventional social media screening services that are often time-consuming and subjective, we offer a rapid, algorithm-based solution that includes the screening of private accounts and closed profiles. The system, developed by eminent psychologists, ensures any unconscious bias is eliminated.

The system filters posts that could damage an organisation’s valuable reputation. These include extremism, negative sentiment, hate speech, violent images, potential nudity, profanity and toxic language.

For your benefit and peace of mind, the process is capable of screening no less than six major global channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more about Social Media Check Plus and how it dovetails with our Pre-Employment screening, please contact our Head of Pre-Employment, Declan Bamber via email here or call Conflict International on 020 7917 2939.

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