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Billionaire releases footage of nephew in legal row

Billionaire Sir Frederick Barclay has released CCTV footage of what he claims is his nephew installing a bugging device at the Ritz hotel in London.

It is the latest salvo in a bitter legal battle between Sir Frederick and three members of his brother Sir David Barclay’s family who he accuses of selling the Ritz for half its market value.

Sir Frederick is accusing Alistair Barclay – said to feature in the video – as well as other nephews Aidan and Howard after what he says was an ‘elaborate system of covert recording’ was discovered in January.

Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay are listed in the top 20 of the Sunday Times Rich List with a joint worth of £7bn. Their portfolio of businesses include The Telegraph newspaper, Littlewoods pools and the Yodel delivery service.

In a statement, Sir Frederick said: “I do not want anyone else to go through the awful experience of having their personal and private conversations listened to by scores of strangers. It is surely in everyone’s interests for the law to be changed to prevent people, outside the authorities, using sophisticated spying devices that have such an intrusive impact. I am putting this video evidence forward as a graphic demonstration of how easy it is to spy on people in public places and to help bring about legislation to prevent such damaging intrusion.”

No formal defence to the High Court claim has so far been filed but Heather Rogers QC, acting for the defendants said: “This is not a case in which private information has been obtained and then widely disseminated to the press – it is not that kind of case at all.”

The billionaire trial is set to take place at a later date.

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