Healthcare workers targeted by Coronavirus email scam

Cyber criminals selling fake Coronavirus face masks

Medical equipment is the new currency for cyber criminals on the dark web, according to a leading digital risk protection company.

Research by Digital Shadows has resulted in hundreds of websites to pop up selling face masks and hand sanitiser. This has even stretched to ecommerce sites on the dark web used by cyber criminals. These are often used to sell drugs but are now listing surgical face masks for sale.

One listing is offering 2000 boxes of standard surgical face masks for $6500 while the example pictured above is charging $3000 for a more comprehensive face mask and air valve. The criminals have seen a opportunity to cash in on a global shortage although it's unlikely that these items are genuine or whether those paying for them will ever see the orders fulfilled.

The World Health Organisation recommends that face masks should not be used unless caring for a loved one who has contracted the COVID-19 virus.

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