'Abducted' nine-year-old boy reunited with mother

'Abducted' nine-year-old boy reunited with mother

A nine year-old boy, who had been missing since March, has been reunited with his mother according to police.

Authorities in Spain recovered Angelo Jurado-Marmolejo after he got off a flight from Mexico with his father Rafael Jurado-Cabello, who was wanted on suspicion of child abduction and has been detained under the terms of a European Arrest Warrant.

Angelo's mother, Karol Marmolejo, has been maintaining a prominent public appeal for the boy's return since his disappearance and told the Daily Mail it is 'the best Christmas present she could have wished for'. "It was totally unexpected. Angelo's okay and I'm now trying to make up for all the time we were apart from each other. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people who lent their support during these long nearly nine months."

Angelo lives full-time with his mother in Bristol but failed to return after visiting his father in Spain. Both disappeared and were not seen until their sudden interception in Madrid on Saturday.

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