Court hears Premier League player jumped from window in blackmail case

Court hears Premier League player jumped from window in blackmail case

A court has been told an unnamed Premier League football player jumped from a hotel window after being caught cheating on his partner with another woman.

The information emerged as part of a case against four people accused of blackmailing the "well known" player who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The court heard Natalie Wood planned to take an incriminating photo of the player with the help of three men, two of which were alleged to have been given a spare card to the hotel room. When they burst in, the player panicked and fled.

The court was told Wood later threatened to expose him to the media if he didn't pay her money. She has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to blackmail but says she was "used as bait" to get money.

The three other men accused - Tyrone Coleman, Nathan Coleman and Prince Rowe - all deny the charge of conspiracy to blackmail. The case continues.

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