Jail for mother who defrauded NHS

Jail for mother who defrauded NHS

A mother who claimed £2.5 million from the NHS for a botched operation has been jailed after she was photographed at a hen party in Ibiza.

Lesley Elder, from Poole in Dorset, claimed an operation she underwent left her in severe pain and demanded the multi-million pound payout as she was now a reclusive figure, unable to work, travel or walk unaided.

The George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton admitted liability saying she was misdiagnosed and the operation wasn't necessary. They awarded her £120,000 in compensation. However, Miss Elder's story unravelled after surveillance by private investigators. They discovered photos on social media of her 'partying after midnight' at her daughter's hen party in Ibiza, despite claiming she was upset that she wasn't able to go.

Other evidence showed Miss Elder was not as disabled as she had claimed. She was able to walk unaided, do her shopping and exercise her dog.

Judge Karen Walden-Smith said Lesley Elder's story included 'widespread exaggeration and lies'. She added: "This was deliberate and persistent making of false statements for the purpose of falsely recovering significant monies from a publicly-funded body." The judge also accepted in mitigation that Miss Elder had suffered a genuine injury. She was jailed for five months for contempt of court.

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