How hackers can control your phone

How hackers can control your phone

Cyber security experts have often warned about the risks of using free wi-fi. Here's a demonstration of how easy it is to take control of your phone and your personal information.

Channel NewsAsia presenter Joshua Lim was shown how fake wi-fi networks can easily be created to capture and harvest data from those who unsuspectingly log on to it believing it to be genuine.

Hackers then have the ability to see whatever you are looking at on your phone, access files and even trigger the microphone and camera to monitor conversations and watch your every move.

Dan Tan, a cybersecurity expert featured in the film, said: "With the information stolen, anyone could easily impersonate you or know who you are dealing with, or maybe some information about your friends and your loved ones."

The video above is part of a larger investigation into security and how much of your personal data can be lost, from Channel NewsAsia's 'Why It Matters' series, available to watch here.

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