Matchmaker claims half of divorce settlement

Matchmaker claims half of divorce settlement

A self-proclaimed professional matchmaker is reported as saying he has a contract for half of a £450 million divorce settlement from a couple he introduced to each other.

Peter Listerman, who has a track record of introducing younger women to older rich men, claims to have introduced Tatiana Akhmedov to Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov almost 30 years ago. The pair were divorced after eight years of marriage with Tatiana being awarded a settlement of £453 million in 2016.

Akhmedov is disputing the legality of the settlement and now Listerman is reported in Russian tabloids as saying: "I had a contract with Tatiana that if she gets something after the divorce, she should give me half of what she gets."

A spokesman for Akhmedov told The Sun newspaper: "Mr Akhmedov and his legal team are looking closely at Mr Listerman’s claims that there was a contract, apparently relating to a divorce, in place between him and Tatiana before she was introduced to her future husband."

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