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Conflict International Announces Security Services for Brazil World Cup 2014

This service provides travellers and attendees with onsite liaison officers offering everything from protection to driver detail for peace of mind.

As concerns mount over the security surrounding the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, many travellers are unsure what to expect when they arrive in a country that has recently seen over a million take to the streets in protest. Even without the added element of the protests, a certain amount of care is necessary when travelling in Brazil. Although the country is arguably a top tourist destination, and rewards travellers with rich history, culture and spectacular nature, travellers looking to attend the World Cup will appreciate the extra assurance. Those who have invested a significant amount of money to ensure the best flights and the nicest hotels should also be able to relax and enjoy their trip knowing that safety and other logistics are taken care of.

Conflict International’s travel risk management for Brazil 2014 is not simply about protection, although safety is a clear priority. They also offer pickup, and driver services, with the added advantage of having an expert on call for whatever questions arise – from which tour operators are reliable to the best way to travel from location to location.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this service. Brazil is a wonderful country, and the World Cup will be a great event, but it helps to have peace of mind. With this service, travellers can enjoy themselves fully without having to worry about their safety,” states Mike LaCorte, Company Director at Conflict International.

Conflict International’s security services will be offered in all World Cup 2014 locations throughout Brazil.

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