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LegalLegal services.

Conflict International has a wealth of experience in providing legal assistance to the corporate sector and lawyers.

We have bolstered the team with the appointment of our first Legal Counsel. This appointment allows us to better support our clients when dealing with complex legal situations and work with your own external counsel or in-house counsel to ensure we are providing all the necessary evidence, in the format needed, in order to assist you to the greatest extent possible. Our aim is always to help you achieve the desired objective as a result of your association with us.

Our Legal Counsel has been involved in a number of internal fraud cases and is familiar with the hurdles businesses have to overcome, not only to achieve a conviction, but also to gather the evidence required to substantiate an allegation in the first instance. In addition, we have been involved in internal employment disputes where evidence of wrong doing has been required, including forensic investigation of equipment, without destabilising the business.

Conflict International’s Legal Counsel is always willing to have any discussions required with your teams in order to establish how we might better to support you when dealing with a particular matter that is likely to have legal involvement. We have experience of successfully liaising with external counsel and legal teams to ensure they are in the best possible position to defend your interests and have achieved measurable results to date.

Please contact our London head office for more details on the bespoke range of services we can offer.  Call Conflict international on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email info@conflictinternational.com.

Asset searches and investigations

Asset Tracing Investigations

Employee background checks

Background Checks

Exclusive close protection services

Close Protection

Corporate fraud investigations UK

Corporate Fraud Investigations

TCSM counter electronic sweeps surveillance

Counter Electronic Sweeps | TSCM

Counter surveillance in London

Counter Surveillance

Counterfeiting Investigations

Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Investigations

Covert Human Intelligence

Covert Human Intelligence

INternational debtor tracing

Debtor Tracing

cohabitation reports and family law

Family Law and Cohabitation

Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations (US)

background checks for businesses

Gardening Leave | Employment Law

luxury lifestyle reports

Lifestyle Reports

Litigation support

Litigation Support (US)

Matrimonial and divorce services

Matrimonial and Divorce | Family Law

process serving

Process Serving

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When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, our experts can help you get to the truth.

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