Forensic services

Forensic Services

Conflict International can now offer a full range of forensic disciplines incorporating the end-to-end process of forensic investigation across all evidence and sample types.

We can carry out the safe forensic seizure and packaging of items to eliminate any contamination and ensure forensic integrity. Once this is completed we formulate a bespoke strategy for each item to assure its maximum forensic potential.

We commission specific accredited and quality assured forensic providers to undertake the testing required. An overview of just some these tests is listed below.

The forensic scientist then compiles full evidential court reports which form part of any wider investigation taking place. All work carried out and commissioned by Conflict International is overseen by Ivor Lloyd, our Senior Forensic Investigator. Ivor is a former senior Police Officer with decades of experience in the Major Crime Branch as a specialist in handling forensic evidence.

Forensic Disciplines

An overview of the types of disciplines we can deploy

Fingerprinting seized items

DNA on items

DNA of Individuals and comparisons

Drug Analysis

  • Drug identification and purity/amount
  • Drug/alcohol in biological samples from individuals
  • History of drug taking from samples of individuals

Fibre Collection

Document Analysis

  • Handwriting
  • Ink Analysis
  • Typewritten Analysis
  • Electro Static Detection Apparatus (Indented Writing)
  • Printer Analysis
  • Examinations of Seals or Stamps

Virtual Reconstruction of scenes, areas or people for Court presentations and evidence

Covert Forensics

Note: in certain cases, covert authorities may be required

Our covert forensic services include covert fingerprinting and DNA collection. This can harvest fingerprints or DNA samples from areas or people without the knowledge of the donor establishing biometric references from individuals for comparison in investigations.

We also carry out covert drug sample collections in situations where, for example, employees may be suspected of storing or using controlled substances.

Forensic markers, such as dyes, can help identify the handling of money or items by individuals.

If employees are visiting dangerous countries where they may be at risk, we can create a proof of life inventory in case they are taken hostage, including fingerprints, DNA photographs of marks, scars abnormalities and even CT full body scans.

Forensic timelining. This processes people, vehicles or addresses so that they are forensically clean from fingerprints, DNA, fibres or drugs. This means that after any event it can be proved that there is correlation to the person or event and there can be no claim that any results were historic or occurred prior to the target event.

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