David Johnson

Business Development Manager, New York

David joined Conflict International in Early 2020 as Business Development Manager for the Manhattan, New York Office. David works closely with Conflict International leadership and focuses on client interface and relations. David brings a wealth of experience in intelligence work, surveillance and counter surveillance as well as tactical expertise due to his 8 years serving with the US Army Special Forces.

As a veteran of both the Afghanistan wars and Syrian conflicts, David was afforded the opportunity to work closely with local national forces as well as integrate and work alongside both US and Foreign governmental agencies, allowing David the opportunity to develop as a strong negotiator and strategist. 

David has developed a keen ability to work with people from all backgrounds, cultures and professions through his extensive international dealings as well as his time servicing elite clientele in Finance. In addition to his extensive military and language/cultural experience, David holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Criminal Justice and Police Science.

+1 212 710 5919


Conflict International, Inc.
445 Broad Hollow Road, Suite 25
NY 11747

Conflict International, Inc.
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2nd Floor
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David Johnson of Conflict International