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Covert Surveillance

Conflict International’s covert surveillance team is widely regarded in the UK and internationally for its professional service and ability to deliver results.

We are able to offer you a range of specialist services from both static and mobile positions.  We can monitor from a parked surveillance vehicle or a nearby property.  Alternatively, we can gather evidence on the move in discreet cars, vans, motorcycles or even licensed taxis as appropriate.

A team leader is assigned to both manage the case and be responsible for keeping you fully informed throughout.  Information gathered is compiled into a formal report, which is fully admissible for any legal proceedings.  You will also receive an edited DVD with video or images of the surveillance.

We can also design and install bespoke camera and recording systems to capture evidence.  A covert vehicle can be placed in a location to remotely monitor an address.  All footage is recorded onto time and date stamped video for evidential use.  Our team can also arrange a sweep of commercial and residential addresses.

To discuss a particular case or our services in complete confidence, please contact us at our London Head Office on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email

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