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ILET summit: Learn from the Conflict International experts.

A specialist team of experts from Conflict International will be speaking at the 2021 ILET summit, which takes place between September 27th and October 1st. On September 28th, Conflict International’s CEO, Mike LaCorte will be joined by Director of Compliance and Development, Roger Bescoby, Senior Vice President, Stephen Komorek and, US Western Region Business Development Manager, Pat Welsh. The team will be participating in a live round table at 1300 EST and speaking on ‘Utilizing Private Sector Cooperation.’

Pat Welsh and Stephen Komorek will also be conducting a training session on ‘Interviewing and Interrogation in the 21st century.’

CEO Mike LaCorte commented stating, “I am honoured to be included as a panelist at the ILET summit. Having recently partnered with ILET, we are able to take this opportunity to give our insight into private/public sector cooperation. It is important for the industry to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors.”

About Conflict International

Conflict International is an established intelligence, investigation, and surveillance agency operating globally with both regional and international offices.

Conflict International brings years of experience in the security, investigation, and surveillance industry. The team at Conflict International is made up of skilled operatives from a broad range of professional backgrounds, offering a wealth of experience. Conflict International employs professional detectives, many with a background in military and police intelligence, as well as lawyers who are specialists in private and corporate fields.

About ILET Network

ILET Network is a “collaboration of the top innovators and educators in the world.” The network hosts an internationally focused virtual event for law enforcement and public safety professionals.

The 2021 ILET summit is an online training event that will allow attendees to watch live training sessions, engage in live session chats, group discussions, access reference materials, network, and private chat, or book one-on-one meetings with experts, agencies, and organizations. 

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