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Conflict International's US Operations Director, Stephen Komorek, has recently appeared on 'The Trial Brief' podcast. In the show he gives presenter and New York Attorney David Oddo an insight into how human lie detection can be taught. There is more about Stephen's appearance and a link to the podcast itself here.

Conflict International has an article on our perspective of fraud and financial crime published in the latest issue of CeFPro Magazine. The complimentary magazine features perspectives on finance, technology and innovation, financial risk and regulation.You can read the article attached to this post or access your complimentary copy of CeFPro

Conflict International's United States Operations Director, Stephen Komorek, has been interviewed on the popular US Law Enforcement Today channel.Stephen discussed with host Lt. Ryan Shea the subject of information sharing and working across borders with global industry associations such as the World Association of Detectives and the International Police Association.Click on the

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