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Google says the majority of people choose not to change hacked login details despite research showing that billions of website passwords have been compromised.The company launched a Password Checker earlier this year, warning users if they have a hacked password. Anonymous data fed back to Google produced some alarming results.650,000 people took

When you see ads on Google, you may have come across one that seems to know what you are thinking - that's no accident.When you are signed in to a Google account, the search engine uses all the information it gathers from you to target the ads to something you are

The investigation of a blackmail case on behalf of a high-net-worth individual has earned Conflict International director Mike LaCorte the prestigious Investigator of the Year award from the World Association of Detectives. Mike was presented with his award at a gala dinner in Bucharest, Romania by WAD Chairman Chuck McLoughlin,

It has recently been made public that more than 200 schools across Britain are using CCTV cameras in pupils’ changing rooms and even toilets. The results were obtained by anti-surveillance campaigners who were very much concerned about the privacy of schoolchildren.Considering that violent acts do, unfortunately, happen in schools, using CCTV

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