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Process Serving

Conflict International’s process servers have extensive experience in serving a wide range of legal documents on behalf of local authorities, solicitors, lawyers, companies, private individuals and government agencies.

We regularly accept instructions from clients in both the UK and on mainland Europe.  Any urgent papers can be reliably picked up from court, or a location of your choice, and served anywhere at any time.  We are also able to offer a comprehensive international process serving service via our established, professional network of experienced servers.

Conflict International has the ability to track respondents anywhere in the UK prior to the service of documentation.  Our experienced team of back office staff is able to prepare detailed affidavits and statements of service and our representatives will attend court as and where necessary.

Whether you are looking to serve court orders, statutory demands, family papers or winding up petitions, our expert team of document servers can help.  We also regularly serve landlord or tenant documents, statutory notices, bankruptcy petitions and divorce papers.

Our commitment to our work is fundamental to our business and as such, we will always serve your papers and documents in the correct manner, taking into account any specific instructions you may have.  We make sure all statements or affidavits are completed correctly.  All our process serving is done in accordance with CPR Part 6 or any other locally relevant legislation, ensuring all Human Rights and Data Protection laws are very strictly adhered to.

We are always on hand to discuss your case and we will ensure that you receive a high quality service throughout the process, keeping you updated and advising you as soon as the service has been completed.

To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact Conflict international at our London Head Office on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email

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