detectives investigate holiday fraud claims

Man jailed for holiday sickness fraud claims

A 34-year-old man from Liverpool has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for encouraging people to submit fraudulent holiday sickness claims.

A court heard how Brian Cromby briefed undercover reporters on how to scam insurance companies, claiming they could receive an average of £2,000 in compensation if they lied about being ill while on holiday.

Cromby, who ran a business to drum up the fake claims, pleaded guilty to encouraging an offence and was sentenced last week.

Judge David Aubrey told Cromby: "In my view, you were rumbled by investigative journalists and you were rumbled plying a dishonest trade under the guise of a legitimate business. In truth it was a sham. It was a scam and at the very least it was promoting or encouraging dishonest civil claims."

Cromby's activities were uncovered by The Mail on Sunday who have picked up on increased activity from holiday companies that are hiring private investigators to uncover an increasing number of fraudulent claims.

Jet2holidays was one of the companies who had claims made against them after being encouraged by Cromby. Their CEO, Steve Heapy, said: “Jet2holidays and the Mail on Sunday have led the way to stamp out the scourge of fake sickness claims, which was criminal fraud driven by unscrupulous Claims Management Companies and individuals like Brian Cromby. We are delighted to see justice served today, and although we have already succeeded in changing the law to deter bogus sickness claims, we continue to investigate all claims robustly and the courts will very clearly not hesitate to punish anyone engaging in such fraud.”

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