Conflict helps free US student from Chinese jail

Conflict helps free US student from Chinese jail

Conflict International's New York Operations Director has been instrumental in securing the release of an American student falsely held in a Chinese jail.

Stephen Komorek took on the investigation after being contacted by the Fellows family regarding their son being locked in a detention center in Nanjing on drug trafficking charges, which he denied.

As the Daily Mail reports, Stephen discovered that a jealous unknown acquaintance Matthew was unaware of had made false claims to the police. Stephen said: "In some places in China you can get the death penalty for as few as two counts of drug trafficking, Mr Fellows had four, they have a zero tolerance approach.

"We immediately contacted our assets within the Chinese government and were able to quickly ascertain what had happened to Mr Fellows. We then conducted our own investigation and working with the local authorities and court system, we managed to get to the truth."

Once the true picture emerged, the charges were dropped and Matthew was released from jail.

Stephen worked closely throughout with the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, the US Embassy in Beijing, the Chinese government and Maryland Senator Ben Cardin's office in order to reach a successful outcome. "We want to thank the Chinese government for taking care of our citizen and working with us to get to the truth," he added.

There is more about this story on the Daily Mail website.

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