Cohort 061 of Save a Warrior

Conflict supporting Save A Warrior

Conflict New York Operations Director Stephen Komorek has been taking time out to support a great charity that helps veterans and first responders.

Save A Warrior offers assistance to those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and suicidal thoughts. Their 'War Detox' program is designed to help those suffering from psychological trauma through evidence-based best practice support as well as compassion and empathy provided by a dedicated group with similar experiences.

Stephen, a veteran of the Iraq War and the global War on Terror, is one of Save a Warrior's 'shepherds' who help guide participants through the week-long program which ultimately initiates long-term behavioral changes inspiring people to help others.

"So proud of the veterans and first responders who are strong enough to answer the call to change their lives," Stephen said. "I'm looking forward to helping them on their journey."

At a time of the year when veterans who have fallen are remembered, it is also important to support those whose lives have changed because of what they have witnessed in the military or as a first responder.

To find out more about Save A Warrior, there is further information available on their website.