Woman sues Thomas Cook over 'missing' daughter

Woman sues Thomas Cook over 'missing' daughter

An Inverness woman, who says her five-year-old daughter was abducted from a holiday kids club in Turkey, is suing travel operators Thomas Cook.

Janet Alexander said her daughter Rose went missing from a Thomas Cook supervised children's play area and was later found with a woman walking close to a main road within the hotel grounds.

Rose was left in the play area while Ms Alexander took her nine-year-old sister to a scuba diving lesson. She was only found to be missing when the pair returned an hour later, according to the child's mother, who is accusing Thomas Cook of failing to respond to repeated calls for help during and after the incident. Rose was found by another guest 20 minutes after the alarm was raised. The woman who was accompanying the child was not arrested and later left the scene.

In a statement, Thomas Cook said: "We were very concerned to hear of this incident and we understand how distressing it must have been. We are investigating thoroughly with the hotel to understand what happened and we will work with the hotel to make any required changes so that this can't happen again."

The Royal Wings Hotel, where the family stayed, has denied any abduction took place and says the children's club was safe and secure.

This case highlights the need to be security aware if you are travelling abroad with your family. It's always worth asking questions about the safety of areas where children may be left alone to play. It's also a good idea to do your own research on the internet to see if issues like these have come up in an area you are planning to travel to.

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