Tech is often the key to uncovering infidelity

Tech is often the key to discovering infidelity

A new poll by an entertainment company shows unusual behaviour around phones is often the key to uncovering infidelity in a relationship.

1,000 couples were surveyed for eOne about what signs they look for that their partner may be cheating.

44% said they would become suspicious if their partner started receiving calls and texts on their mobile phone in the middle of the night, with more than 4 in 10 suspicious if their partner always keeps their phone by their side.

Changing passcodes and making them secret, keeping their phone on silent and archiving text messages were other tell-tale signs according to the survey, as well as discovering additional social media accounts.

79% of respondents said they would have no problem with going through their partner's phone if they thought they were being unfaithful. Almost 30% of those surveyed said they suspected their partner may be cheating on them.

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