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Ex-wife of tycoon receives £115m divorce settlement

The former wife of a dotcom multi-millionaire has been awarded a £115 million divorce settlement - but she may still appeal as it is only a quarter of her ex-husband's wealth.

The identity of the couple remains a closely guarded secret with details of the case only now emerging despite the ruling being made at the High Court in London last year.

It's reported that the wife demanded a 50% share of couple's assets. Her former partner is an Italian-born chief executive of a 'hugely successful' tech company. He amassed his fortune after the sale of shares in the company he founded, which netted him £460 million.

However, the High Court judge, Mr Justice Baker, ruled that the wife should only receive 25% due to the 'special contribution' he had made to the building of the assets before as well as during the marriage. A partner would normally be entitled to half of the assets unless such a ruling is made. It's reported the former wife is now considering an appeal.

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