Charity dinner in aid of Burma's Forgotten Allies

Conflict sponsors Burmese veterans charity event

Conflict International is proud to support a dinner in London in aid of a charity searching for Burmese veterans who fought for Britain during World War Two.

'Remembering World War Two in Burma' on 21st June is a sold-out evening of history, commemoration and celebration aimed at raising awareness of how Burmese soldiers put their lives on the line helping Britain and its allies prevail in the war against Japan between 1942-45.

The charity Help for Forgotten Allies is attempting to bring as many veterans together as possible to attend a Remembrance Sunday service in Yangon which will recognise their service during the Second World War when thousands of Burmese soldiers fought for Britain.

Their role is being documented in a film called 'Forgotten Allies' which is being crowdfunded by London-based Grammar Productions.

The soldiers are entitled to receive welfare grants from Britain but many have not been traced. The charity hopes to find as many survivors as possible.

Co-founder of Grammar Productions, Alex Bescoby, has been speaking to the Daily Mail about a subject he admitted has 'moved him more than he imagined.'