>Hong Kong government logins 'leaked onto dark web'

Hong Kong government logins 'leaked onto dark web'

A number of email logins and passwords belonging to Hong Kong government agencies were recently available on the dark web, according to private detectives.

The Hong Kong Private Detective Association says it has discovered that more than 1,000 logins used by government-related entities were listed on a part of the World Wide Web that can only be accessed with specialist software but is often used by those who carry out criminal activity.

The Police, the Monetary Authority and the Hospital Authority were all affected, according to the Association. Its founder Jeff Ho warned of the risk that sensitive government communications could be vulnerable.

A consultant acting on behalf of the Association says he believes some of the official email ID's may have been used as logins to commercial websites and suggests that employees have low levels of security awareness.

The agencies concerned claim staff are regularly told to change passwords and receive regular guidance on cyber security issues.

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