Businessman wins privacy case against Google

Businessman wins 'right to be forgotten'

A businessman has won a legal case in the High Court against Google over the right to have a previous conviction erased from results on their search engine.

The man, named as NT2 in court to protect his identity, was convicted of a crime a number of years ago and successfully argued that the conviction was legally 'spent'. The court ruled that third-party reports of the conviction should no longer appear as the man had since been rehabilitated.

NT2 was sentenced to six months imprisonment for conspiracy to carry out surveillance. A second man also involved in the case had been found guilty of conspiracy to account falsely and sentenced to four years in prison. He lost his case but was given permission to appeal.

Ruling on the cases, judge Mr. Justice Warby said: "NT2 has frankly acknowledged his guilt and expressed genuine remorse. There is no evidence of any risk of repetition. "His current business activities are in a field quite different from that in which he was operating at the time."

Lawyers acting for the men, Carter-Ruck, said the cases were the first of their kind in England and the rulings were groundbreaking.

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