Conflict International is 10

We are 10!

Conflict International is celebrating its tenth birthday this month.

In 2008, directors Mike LaCorte and Jon Fawcett combined their collective experience and joined forces in a merger to build a company, which continues to grow year on year internationally and has become leading specialists in intelligence, investigation and surveillance around the world. 

Starting from our London head office, Conflict International has added further branches in Marbella, New York, Hong Kong and Cyprus, and will look to continue building strategic partnerships in the future where there is increasing global demand for our services.

Mike LaCorte said: “I’d like to thank each and every team member at Conflict International for their continuous dedication and support. Without the capabilities and professionalism of all our investigation team the sustained success and growth of Conflict International wouldn't be possible.”

Mike was honoured to be elected as President of the World Association of Detectives at the annual conference in New Delhi in 2017, a role that fits in perfectly with Conflict’s ethos that investigations are rarely confined to just one jurisdiction.

“Conflict International offers our clients the ability, through our own network and trusted contacts built up through the World Association of Detectives, to have cases investigated in most parts of the globe,” Mike added.  “This enables access to high quality international investigators that are both efficient and cost effective.”

Maintaining high quality bespoke customer service is key to Conflict International’s plans for the next decade.  Mike LaCorte adds: “We pride ourselves on being a leading international investigation and intelligence agency delivering result after result for our clients in an ever demanding industry.  The next ten years for us are certainly exciting as we continue to expand our service scope internationally.”