Peace of mind private investigator

What would you pay for peace of mind?

If money was no object, what would you pay for peace of mind? That’s a question that many clients must ask themselves before deciding to work with private investigators.

What can a private investigator offer that the police can’t? What’s the benefit of hiring someone outside of a public agency to seek out information? Obviously, as an established investigative agency we can list hundreds of such reasons, but one reason that we hear time and time again, is the insatiable ‘need to know’.

At Conflict International, we offer a full spectrum of investigation and legal information gathering to people going through the most difficult of times; from marital breakups, financial crises to the untimely death of loved ones. We have dealt with tragic, unpredictable and heart-breaking cases to look for the answers people need.

While they might not be the answers they were hoping for, many clients report that knowing is always better than not.

Dollars Vs. Answers

A perfect example of the cost vs. peace of mind dilemma is the case of Barry and Honey Sherman, a billionaire pharmaceutical executive and his wife, who were found dead in their Toronto, Canada mansion in December last year.

The police deemed the deaths as suspicious and spoke of a ‘murder-suicide’ theory to the press. The grieving family vehemently disagreed with this theory and quickly hired a private investigator firm who have recently concluded the couple were murdered and that this was a case of double homicide.

Many details have been published relating to the state in which the bodies were found, possible murder weapons and controversy surrounding Mr Sherman’s business dealings – yet ‘understandably’ the police remain tight-lipped about the entire matter.

While the family wait for further revelations, one thing that has been focused on by the Canadian press is the cost of hiring a private investigator. One source has estimated costs running from $30,000 to $100,000 with another announcing it to be at the $1million mark. Either way, what’s the price of this family’s peace of mind?

While we don’t all have the luxury of a never-ending bank balance, if you had the means, would you do everything in your power to find out the truth? Or would you let unanswered questions haunt you?

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