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Expert claims law firms at risk of cyber attack

A legal expert believes confidential information could be stolen from law firms in the event of a cyber attack.

Peter Wright, founder of DigitalLawUK says the email systems of law firms are "frequently unencrypted end to end, and sometimes the servers themselves are unencrypted." This make firms "particularly vulnerable" to hackers, he said.

A number of surveys have already pointed to the fact that law firms are already a target for hackers. A PwC survey in 2015 reported that almost two-thirds of law firms had been the victim of an attack and, more worringly, a report carried out for the UK government found that only a third of firms have an adequate response plan in the event of a data breach. In the US, a similar report said 40% of firms who were breached in 2016 did not even know about it until they were informed.

Conflict International has a high level of technical knowledge that keeps you one step ahead of those who may profit from stealing vital data from your business.

Our technology experts are highly skilled experts in TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) as well as all manner of cyber security issues.  With cyber attacks on the rise it is vital to make sure your business operations are secure.

From more traditional bug and telecoms sweeps to using the latest technology to test how strong your IT infrastructure is from attack, we can advise how safe you are and where you can tighten up on any vulnerabilities we find.

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