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Birmingham man jailed for insurance compensation fraud

A fraudster who made two compensation claims over alleged injuries sustained in a bus crash has been jailed for three years.

Mohammed Taj, 56, from Birmingham 'grossly exaggerated' injuries suffered as a result of the crash in Pakistan seven years ago. Although he was injured in the crash, that killed a number of people, he was not permanently disabled as he claimed.

Taj was caught on camera walking normally to a car on his way to a medical appointment before being pushed to the surgery in a wheelchair by his wife when he was clearly able to walk. Investigators later discovered he had made two separate claims for compensation totalling £100,000.

Insurance company AIG became suspicious after Taj had made a number of claims against his policy over a period of 15 years. A private investigation company subsequently carried out surveillance where the covert footage revealed his disability claims were enhanced to generate compensation.

Fraud manager at AIG, David Halstead, said: "This is another sad example of someone’s greed getting the better of them. Had Taj been honest and truthful, it’s likely he would have received some compensation.”

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