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Fake exam certificate site shut down

A website selling fake GCSE and A-level certificates for £400 has been closed down, according to the body regulating exam results.

The site, called Replacement Certificates, is now displaying the summary of an injunction placed against them at the High Court by five exam boards. The Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents exam boards, says there has been a "flagrant infringement of the trademark".

Michael Turner, Director General of the JCQ, said: "It sends a strong message to those supplying unauthorised certificates, and to those purchasing them, that such fraudulent activity will not be tolerated. This is part of an ongoing campaign to stamp out the trade in fake certificates. It is important for the protection of the public that any certificate bearing the trademark of one of our members can be relied upon as evidence that the qualification has been properly attained.”

There had been concerns that those who had bought the fake certificates could use them to dishonestly apply for jobs.

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