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Investigator discovers missing Lamborghini in shipping container

A luxury car rental firm had an eagle-eyed private investigator to thank after a £250,000 supercar they rented out in Switzerland never came back.

Scheiwiller Automotive in Zurich loaned out a Lamborghini Huracán Spyder to someone they described as a smartly dressed Irish woman in July who said she was driving to Strasbourg. Instead the car was driven to London and was tracked to an IKEA car park in Tottenham before the GPS trail went cold.

A reward was offered for the return of the car but the case was eventually solved by a private investigator who was told by another car owner that he recognised the Spyder. It was located in a shipping container that was about to leave for West Africa.

The woman who rented the car has not been traced, it is believed she was using fake documents, but the car has now been returned to the company.

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