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Investigator thwarts employee 'cancer' scam

A London man is facing jail after lying to his employers about having sick leave for terminal cancer before going on to concoct a scam that cost his employer more than a million pounds.

Christopher Theile, from Walthamstow, told tech company Flashbay Ltd that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer and needed time off for treatment in Switzerland. The company gave him six months full pay while a colleague also donated £6,000 of his own money.

Theile then contacted the company and said he had a chance meeting with a multi-millionaire while in Switzerland who wanted to place an order through an intermediary. Flashbay then manufactured USB sticks worth £1.2 million for which Theile received more than £20,000 in commission - but the order never existed.

Theile used an alias to set up a fake company to place the order through and used a variety of excuses as to why Flashbay had not been paid. The company became suspicious and hired a private investigator who tracked Theile to an internet cafe where he was seen writing emails using the alias. The investigator carried out a citizen's arrest.

He was found guilty of three counts of fraud, including sending Flashbay false medical documents and lying about his condition.

This case highlights the versatility of services available from a private investigator. From surveillance and background checks to open source intelligence, Conflict International has the experienced personnel and the professional tools to uncover the truth.

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