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Conflict International sponsors event at ABI AGM

Conflict International can announce its support for the 2018 Association of British Investigators Annual General Meeting.

It is a key event in the Association's calendar, offering a rare chance for ABI members to meet, network and gather together to share best practice and hear about innovations within the industry.

The 2018 AGM weekend, being held in Brighton, is preceded by a drinks reception at the Old Police Cells Museum, which will be sponsored in its entirety by Conflict International.

Conflict director Mike LaCorte said: "The ABI is vital to our industry as they not only promote high standards but are also continuing their campaign to bring in regulation which we fully support. We're thrilled to sponsor the reception ahead of the AGM and look forward to meeting up again with our fellow members.

The ABI is one of a number of professional bodies that Conflict International is associated with, including the World Association of Detectives where Mike LaCorte is 1st Vice President.

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