Russian Asset Tracing Conference

Mike LaCorte offers asset tracing advice in Moscow

Conflict International director Mike LaCorte has again been invited to share his extensive experience in worldwide asset tracing at a conference in Moscow next month organised by the Russian Arbitration Association.

The event entitled 'Collecting Bad Debts: Throwing Good Money after Bad?' will hear from a variety of speakers on the process of uncovering assets and how findings can be turned into admissible evidence.

Mike, who is First Vice-President of the World Association of Detectives, will present 'Asset Tracing at a glance', which will offer an overview of this complex of area of investigation.

Conflict International are global leaders in using investigative and surveillance techniques to help track assets and discover to whom they are registered. Our teams have proven track record in locating and identifying hidden assets in most jurisdictions worldwide.

Whether it’s tangible fixed assets such as UK property, boats, aircraft or financial information including associated companies, directorships, shareholding and in certain circumstances bank accounts, or foreign assets – we have a good track record in not only tracing the beneficial owner, but providing necessary supporting documentation. In certain cases, we can also trace the source of shares, bonds, investments, trusts, funds and corporate assets. All evidence and asset search findings are compiled into a detailed report, which is legally admissible in any court proceedings.

If you would like to talk to Mike about a personal or corporate investigation please call our London office on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email