detectives investigate holiday fraud claims

Clampdown on holiday fraud claims

Jet2holidays is the latest tour operator to hire private detectives to help them fight against fraudulent holiday sickness claims.

The company has sent investigators to Spain where they will be on the lookout for touts and claims management companies who are accused of luring holidaymakers into making false claims of suffering from gastric illness during their stay and seeking compensation.

Some Spanish hoteliers are warning they may pull out of the all-inclusive sector for British tourists because of the volume of claims.

Jet2holidays announced on their website: "These touts and companies are peddling fraud and are brazenly handing out leaflets telling British holidaymakers that they can cover the cost of their trip by just filling out a form, irrespective of whether they have been ill or not."

"The detectives we have recruited have one purpose and one purpose only - to prevent this dishonest behaviour from ruining the holidays of our customers," they added.

Jet2holidays have been updating customers and the general public regularly about their bid to stamp out fraudulent claims with a number of stories including publishing undercover footage and explaining more about their campaign to clampdown on these activities.

The company warns that individuals rather than the touts they use will be liable for prosecution in the event of a false claim. The Foreign Office has updated travel advice to highlight the dangers for tourists who are lured by touts.

Conflict International has a dedicated service based in Spain where local detectives can investigate cases under the direction of our London Head Office. To discuss a particular case or our services in more detail, please contact us in confidence on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email