fugitive on the run

Fugitive caught in New York by Facebook

The work of an eagle-eyed private investigator has led to the arrest of a fugitive who was on the run for two years suspected of murder.

Viktoria Nasyrova was wanted for the alleged murder in Russia of a woman whose daughter lived in Brooklyn. Interpol had issued a Red Notice, circulating pictures of Nasyrova worldwide in a bid to track her down. The dead woman's daughter used the services of a private investigator when she learned that the accused was living just a few miles away.

The detective, Herman Weisberg, discovered Nasyrova was still using a secret profile on Facebook and from images she had posted, managed to trace her vehicle from the stitching of a seat cover in one of the pictures. She was later arrested on an unrelated charge on suspicion of drugging and robbing three men she had lured on dating sites.

Russia has no extradition treaty with the US so she will not automatically face be sent back to Russia for questioning but now police want to build a fuller picture of other potential crimes she may have committed while living in New York.

This case highlights the amount of information that can be gained using a mixture of traditional surveillance and use of open source intelligence tools. Conflict International are experts in utilising OSINT searches and mapping which form an integral part of any investigation.

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