Conflict International has a wealth of experience in providing legal assistance to the corporate sector and lawyers.

From serving legal documentation and producing affidavits to assisting and providing in-depth intelligence for complex court cases.  We are global leaders in compiling high quality in-depth due diligence reports for those involved in mergers and acquisitions.

The varied skills of our team are designed to work with you throughout the course of any investigation with professional standards and high quality evidence fully admissible in proceedings.

Please contact our London head office for more details on the bespoke range of services we can offer.  Call Conflict international on +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email

Asset Tracing

Corporate investigators and forensic accountants trace and identify hidden assets worldwide. More >

Debtor Tracing

Track the whereabouts of companies and individuals with full legal support. More >

Process Serving

Professional service available across the UK and internationally. More >

Cohabitation Reports

Gain evidence on whether a suspect is living with a new partner. More >

Covert Human Intelligence Sources

Specialist services aimed at detecting and preventing crime. More >

Background Checks

Detailed checks on employment background, lifestyle integrity and credit history. More >

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Gather critical information to reduce risk and enhance business opportunities. More >


Specialists in Intelligence, Investigations and Surveillance. View all the services we offer. More >

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