gardening leave investigation and surveillance

Lifestyle Assessments & Gardening Leave

In conjunction with background checks, Conflict international frequently carries out lifestyle assessments, which may utilise a combination of desktop research, undercover enquiries and undercover surveillance techniques.

Our research may uncover cases of fraud and prove whether a member of staff is passing clients to a third party. Often an employee leaving a job is instructed to stay away from work during their notice period, while still remaining on the payroll. This practice, known as gardening leave, is mostly used to prevent employees from taking with them up-to-date (and perhaps sensitive) information when they leave their current employer, especially when they are leaving to join a competitor or setting up a new business.

If the individual is found to be setting up in business as a competitor to the former employer, or approaching a former client, our evidence can prove crucial in obtaining a court order or injunction enforcing the terms of contract.

Our specialist private detectives are often deployed to carry out enquiries into a person’s circumstances as well as means testing. We carry out background enquiries normally combined with covert surveillance techniques to identify a person’s private, work and financial status. Evidence is gathered for use in any future legal proceedings. Our debtor tracing services are also often called upon by solicitors and law firms.

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