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Cyber Security

With cyber attacks on the rise having a strong defence against losing vital data is becoming critical in business. It is no longer enough to rely on anti-virus software and a firewall and it is important that you protect yourself from data leaking from within your organisation.

Conflict International has a team of experts who specialise in cyber security. Whether protecting you from external threats or ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t leave through any form of espionage from a former employee, we have the technical know-how to find out how safe your systems are and discover any breaches in your security.

We can carry out a thorough specialist Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) audit to discover any hidden bugs including sophisticated devices within IT infrastructure, phones, laptops and desktop PC’s.

A survey of employees who either left or lost a job has shown that more than half had stolen confidential company information, the highest proportion being in the financial services industry. Conflict International can highlight where your threats are coming from and allow you to go about your business - safely and securely.

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