case studies of work carried out by Conflict International, London

Case studies from Conflict International

Conflict International has worked on a wide range of successful operations across the world, some of which have been complex, sophisticated and high profile.

Our professional standards are based on trust and confidentially.  Therefore, we have protected the identities and specific detail about those featured.  However, here is an example of some of the cases Conflict International has investigated.

Blackmail Investigation

The client approached us with concerns that he was being blackmailed and extorted for a sizeable amount of money. This was a sensitive matter concerning a high net worth client who had put himself in a difficult situation.

Our objective was to uncover the individual behind the blackmail, the possible reason and motive, and to liaise with the authorities with a view to bring this matter to a satisfactory private conclusion.  The client wanted this problem to go away and did not want to deal with police, authorities and/or court.

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Matrimonial Surveillance and Investigation

The client approached us with concerns as to whether her husband was behaving inappropriately. His work pattern had recently changed and he would regularly ignore his phone, especially during lunch breaks and after work. His business partner and lifelong friend had recently divorced and was now living a very active single life.

The husband was a successful businessman with multiple outlets around the West End of London and business interests throughout Europe and South America. He travelled frequently, generally every week or other week with no fixed pattern or routine.

Our objective was to document whether the husband was indeed behaving inappropriately and to report back to his wife.

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Fraud Investigations

We were approached by a client based in Canada who had been tricked into sending more than $400,000 US dollars to companies and individuals based in UK and Malaysia.

He was communicating via a known ‘gay dating site’, had an online relationship and developed feelings for an unknown male. This was a clever scam that took months to implement with various authentic tactics to justify that the scammer was actually who he said he was.

The client communicated with the scammer over several months. The scammer used recorded bank voice messages to convince my client that he had funds in his account. The scammer allowed my client to phone the automated ‘fake’ bank number and key in his alleged bank numbers to hear the balance of his account as a part to convince my client to send payments over to assist in a business deal.  The client was tricked into sending various payment to the UK and Malaysia over several months.

Our objective was to uncover who was behind the scam and liaise with authorities as and where necessary.  In addition we were asked to attempt to retrieve the client’s funds.

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