Lindsay Lohan Hires Private Detective to Investigate Nightclub Accuser

Lindsay Lohan Hires Private Detective to Investigate Nightclub Accuser

On 29th November 2012, actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested on suspicion of starting a nightclub brawl and has now hired a private detective to perform a background check of her accuser, psychic Tiffany Mitchell.

The alleged incident

On the night in question, the twenty-six year old allegedly hit Mitchell in New York night club ‘Avenue’, after attending a Justin Beiber concert at Madison Square Garden.

It is alleged that Lohan hit Mitchell during a heated confrontation where she believed the woman had stolen her sister’s purse, which contained $10,000 Lindsay was sending home to pay for her younger brother’s school tuition.

However, Lohan counter-claims that whilst she was in the night club looking for the stolen purse, she did not lash out, but was pushed herself.

The actress’s suspicions

Lohan vehemently denies assaulting Mitchell and is suspicious that the psychic from Palm Beach – an area where her estranged father Michael Lohan also lives – is setting her up to make money from her stardom.

A source told TMZ, 'Lohan feels the palm reader is just another in a long line of people who see the actress as an opportunity to make money’.

In the past Lohan has been arrested for multiple drugs, driving and assault offenses, which make her vulnerable to new allegations and she has gained a ‘wild-child’ reputation.

Role of the private detective

On 2nd December 2012 Tiffany Mitchell met with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and hired her as a representative in legal proceedings. It is believed this arrangement led Lohan to hire a private investigator as it made it clear Mitchell was intending to seek monetary damages in a civil suit.

In the press, reports are circulating that Mitchell regularly targets socialites in high end night clubs. One anonymous source told reporters that she was conned out of $43,000 after being manipulated by Mitchell - whilst the incident was reported to police, no further action was taken.

With this in mind, Lohan hopes her private detective can find some evidence against Mitchell, such as a provable track record for this type of behaviour or a criminal past that can help clear her name from this latest charge.

In particular, Lohan wants her detective to see if Mitchell has sued anyone before, and if so, under what grounds, and if she was successful. If the private detective can find any information to discredit Mitchell, is could see the case fall in the actress’s favour.

Professional private detectives

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