The Predictive Future of Surveillance Equipment

The Predictive Future of Surveillance Equipment

A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are building a surveillance camera capable of “activity forecasting”, which aims to recognise activity and predict what might happen next.

“Activity forecasting”

Last week (28.10.2012) new research from Carnegie Mellon presented a security camera system that can watch what a person is doing – study an individual’s behaviour – and predict what a person might do next.

The surveillance equipment relies on intelligent software, an artificial intelligence to detect anomalous activity and “see” likely crimes before they have actually happened.

Our Current Surveillance Equipment

Research into this automatic video surveillance technology is funded by the US government and is expected to be taken up by both civil and military security networks. In the future, this type of surveillance could be useful in private investigations whereby the aim is to prevent individuals from committing crime or immoral acts.

Today at Conflict International, we supply and install bespoke Covert CCTV. Our high-quality equipment uses up-to-date technology and gathers intelligence for your objectives. Whilst the “activity forecasting” software in years away from standard use, our services document events as they happen and are used as evidence in court.

The New Surveillance Technology in Practice

The idea is the “activity forecasting” camera will separate the individual from the surroundings and predict their physical trajectories. Kris Kitani, post-doctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon says the software “models the effect of the physical environment on the choice of human actions”. The artificial intelligence of the software will then make a judgement call and notify security personnel if it decides a person is about to commit a crime.

Whilst this sounds like equipment from science fiction, it could have a huge preventative impact of criminal acts in the UK and beyond. There is the possibility that the system could accurately predict a burglary and stop it from happening. This would not only save monetary items, it offers the chance of families escaping the trauma and violation of a break-in.

Professional Surveillance Teams

It is recommended to always use a professional surveillance service that can inform you of the law and has the best advice on equipment to use.

As surveillance investigators, Conflict International offer reports on findings and all results from surveillance equipment are documented, including images and edited time/date stamped DVDs. Reports are written in a legal format, admissible in court proceedings.